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Questions and Answers

Portuguese Sweet Bread can be eaten plain or toasted with butter.  It makes a delightful breakfast food and is especially good as a snack with coffee or tea.  My personal favorite is to make French Toast with it.  It can also be served as a dessert or to make a sandwich.

Is Portuguese Sweet Bread
only Available at Easter?

No!!  I bake the bread every weekend so you can enjoy

it year round.  

Do you offer gluten free items?

Not at this time.

Isn't Portuguese Sweet Bread Round?

Many traditional recipes are baked in a round loaf, however, my bread is baked in a traditional loaf shape to allow for more uses and to facilitate ease of shipping and storing.  This recipe was passed down to me from my Mother and she did not sacrifice any flavor or character of the bread by baking in a traditional loaf pan.  

How do you use Sweet Bread?

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